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What size storage unit do I need for self storage?

storage unit size chart lexington sc,

What Size Moving Truck Do I Need For Self Storage?

moving truck size chart lexington sc

*Management of Advising Moving Clients to Remove the following:

 ( Remove All Guns Out of Gun Safes, All Foods & Beverages removed from the Refrigerator and placed in a cooler. )

*Cargo Capacity Scheduling – Bringing the right amount of trucks to complete the moving job to protect the client cargo from getting damaged during transport. We do this by providing a 4-page bulletin on clients who submit a video of the inside of their dwelling or by using our interviewing methods with the client over the telephone for those that don’t submit video.

Management of the Moving Cost

*Management to Optimize OutSourcing for Items that are on our Do Not Move List. 

When we can’t move an item for a client, that doesn’t mean that we can’t complete your move. We will use our contact directory to make sure your unique belongings are in the right hands for your moving project upon request.

*Exploring New Technologies to Reduce the number of trips to get your cargo loaded and unloaded off the moving truck, therefore reducing the client moving bill. *Floor Protection & Stair Protection, this is very critical to keep the moving cost down. For unique moving situations, we use special types of products to protect your home from any additional repair cost.

Controlled Management of Evolutions

*Anticipation of New Technologies within the moving industry to transport our client cargo safely. *Cargo Quality Control Techniques-Rigging Equipment such as Slings and Straps will be used to secure oversize items and to reduce the possibility of damages during the transport of our client cargo.

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