Hoarder Cleanouts

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It’s never in anyone’s best interests to leave a hoard of junk in the home. Not only does it give household pests a place to hide, but it makes a home claustrophobic and dirty. There’s a solution, though: 803 Cheap Movers or Junk Removal helps alleviate a cluttered home with our hoarder cleanouts.

Point us to the hoard, and we’ll calculate our upfront price for the job. Once you’ve approved that price, we begin our work.
We work fast without raising a racket. We haul junk without passing any judgement, because we just want to help.
Our fast, friendly crew will have the hoard cleaned up in no time. We’ll sweep up, too, just for that extra polish.
Finally, we’ll hop in the truck and drive off. The hoarded junk is recycled or otherwise disposed of propertly.



We’re not in the business to cause you stress. We’re simply a group of local professionals that want to clean up your home, and we’ll do whatever we can to make your appointment a smooth, accommodating experience.

Local. We serve many locations in the Greater Boston area.
Friendly. Our team is always happy to haul away your junk.
Affordable. Our upfront quotes leave no room for hidden fees.  Some more information about our pricing: we charge you by truckload, so no matter the size of the hoard, you’ll pay a fair rate. When you don’t want to overpay for similar services from our franchise competitors, choose us and enjoy local savings!


Get the furniture removal you need ASAP thanks to the responsive team at 803 Cheap Movers or Junk Removal. Get in touch with us, and you can get your appointment as soon as today or tomorrow!

Call us now! We’ll be fast to answer.
Contact us online if you prefer to use our site!
We’ll provide you with a cost estimate for your convenience.
We’ll also give you a 2-hour arrival window for your appointment.

803 Cheap Movers or Junk Removal

A local junk removal business will always do better than a franchise. That’s because we’re comprised of people that know the ins and outs of the Greater Boston area. Our entire business is custom-tailored to fit your needs and the needs of our local clients, not the needs of people all around the country.

Hoarded junk is a tough problem to tackle, but you don’t need to be embarrassed when you ask for our help. Hauling junk is what we do, and we’d love nothing more than to turn a cluttered home into a clean one again. So don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Service Areas

803 Cheap Movers Or Junk Removal provides many services across the Lexington, SC area. This includes, Cambridge, Dover, Walpole, and more!