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Cayce, SC Furniture Movers Costs, FAQs, and Stats.

How much do furniture movers in Cayce, SCcost?


Hiring a moving company in Cayce costs $341 on average.

How long does moving in Cayce take?

2.0 Hours

Cayce movers take 2.0 hours per job, on average.

How many movers do I need for my move in Cayce?

2.0 Movers

Most people moving in Cayce hire 2.0 movers to come out on moving day. Read more about 

What size truck do I need when moving in Cayce?

20′ Truck

Most people in Cayce need a 20′ moving truck.

Cayce, SC Furniture Movers Moving Data

Want the best moving data and your furniture movers to have a smooth moving process? After moving a large amount of people in Cayce, SC here’s our data for the best times for your moving project.


Cheapest Time of Year To Move

The cheapest month to book a mover in West Columbia, SC is April.

The cheapest month to book a mover in Cayce, SC is April.

Cheapest Time of the Month to Move

The 2nd is the cheapest day of the month to move in West Columbia, SC

The 2nd is the cheapest day of the month to move in Cayce, SC

Cheapest Time of the Week to Move

West Columbia, SC least busiest day of the week to move is Sunday.

Cayce, SC least busiest day of the week to move is Sunday.

Cheapest Time of the Day to Move

Cheapest Time of the Day to Move

The cheapest time to start a move in Cayce, SC is around 7 am.

Cost of Movers in Cayce, SC

Average: $80 per hour for 2 Local Movers
Range: $75 to $82.50 per hour for 2 Local Movers

The amount you can expect to spend on local movers can also be estimated by factoring in the size of your home. The estimated cost to move homes of various sizes in Cayce is:

One bedroom: About $470
Two bedroom: About $600
Three bedroom: About $900

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803 Cheap Movers or Junk Removal. 5 Stars. LOCAL ADDRESS: 160 Elvington Ln Lexington, SC 29073. PHONE: (803) 580-5150. WEBSITE: 803CheapMovers.Com

803 Cheap Movers or Junk Removal: Lake Murray, SC Movers
803 Cheap Movers or Junk Removal: Lake Murray, SC Movers
Based on 58 reviews
Stephanie Moore
Stephanie Moore
Paul and Q were excellent! They arrived on time and were done before the timeframe was up. I had stairs and a ton of boxes/furniture and they handled everything with care. They came prepared with things I didn’t even realize I would need. I cannot recommend them enough if you are moving!
Ben Goff
Ben Goff
I'm not in the shape to move things around in the house like I used to. We basically had Paul and Cal rearrange almost all the furniture in the house including moving two heavy recliners and a TV upstairs. They treated our stuff with the utmost respect and they treated us the same. I very much recommend these guys for any type of work moving that you may have. I read some of their other reviews and I can see why they are five stars. I agree with Paul that the one star review has to be a fake. If you need it moved, call Paul.
Ashley Colwell
Ashley Colwell
Paul and his crew unloaded 7 18 wheelers of heavy duty equipment and furniture into our family entertainment center. It was very hard work, but they worked tirelessly. They took great care with our equipment, and they were a pleasure to work with. And the price was fair! Will use them again for any of our future needs.
Sc Peach
Sc Peach
Nice crew of gentlemen who hustled and knew what they were doing. They did several above and beyond things for.memdurong my move and I highly recommend them to anyone
Ronnie Rivers
Ronnie Rivers
I have worked with many moving companies in the past but this was definitely one of the best. I highly recommend this company if you are looking to move out and move in as swiftly as possible for a great price.
Nick Benelli
Nick Benelli
We had a bad experience with this company. Some of our stuff was missing afterwards. Would not reccomend.
GTJKLswag Dog
GTJKLswag Dog
Great service, had a loft bed that needed to be moved, very heavy piece, turned out to take a little longer than expected but they were great, very professional. Definitely recommend
Amber G.
Amber G.
Paul and his crew were fantastic. My family moved about 100 miles away and they were life (and back) savers. Everyone was very professional and pleasant to deal with. They took great care in wrapping, loading and unloading all of my things and we didn’t have any issues. I highly recommend Paul and 803 Cheap Movers and would use them again. Very satisfied customer!
GS Rudisill
GS Rudisill
I needed a same day move for my mother, at an assisted living facility. They showed up on time, moved through the facility quickly and respectfully.. I recommend them & would use again.

What Were The Top Junk Removal Items For 2022 In Lexington, SC?

Junk Removal Lexington SC,

Just like that, another year has come and gone! 803 Cheap Movers or Junk Removal? has been busy this year, helping haul away more unwanted items than ever before. We’ve hit some big milestones this year, such as making almost 100 mattresses disappear in 2022! Our teams have also continued to commit to supporting their local communities.

To celebrate the year with our own “Wrapped” list, we’re doing a round-up of some of the most common items we’ve taken, proving that we can help with just about anything!

The 10 Most Common Junk Items Removed In 2022

1. Mattresses 

In 2022 alone, we’ve helped haul away over 100 mattresses from Lexington County, Richland County and Kershaw County ! It’s recommended to refresh your mattress every 8 years, and we’re happy to make getting rid of your old one as easy as possible.

Mattresses can be recycled and even donated occasionally, and we do our best to ensure they are disposed of properly. For more information on how we can help properly dispose of your unwanted mattresses, call (803) 580-5150.

2. Televisions 

During 2022, 803 Cheap Movers or Junk Removal? picked up over 50 televisions, which is over 10 more than last year! When disposing of an old TV,  whether it’s broken or you’re simply upgrading, it is important to dispose of TVs properly.

TVs can actually contain hazardous materials such as lead and mercury, which is why many garbage pickup services don’t accept televisions!

803 Cheap Movers or Junk Removal? does their best to ensure unwanted TVs are taken to the proper recycling facilities, where they will ensure disposal is done safely and that some of the parts are re-used. To read more about how our teams can help with your TV disposal.

3. Sofas 

Sofas, sectionals, and futons, oh my! If your pet used your couch as a scratching post, or you’ve been eyeing up the pink couch of your dreams online to replace your current one, there are plenty of reasons to need sofa removal. In fact, in 2022 we hauled over 40 of them!

4. Fridges & freezers 

This year we’ve hauled away over 15 fridges and freezers, which was almost 5 more than in 2021! Due to the freon and other hazardous materials in fridges and freezers, it’s important to make sure they are being disposed of properly.

At 803 Cheap Movers or Junk Removal our truck can fit 8 full sized refrigerators, so that means our team hauled over 3 truckloads in 2022 full of just fridges and freezers for responsible disposal.

5. Tires

Whether you’ve got large tractor tires or small car tires, 803 Cheap Movers or Junk Removal can take them no matter the size. In 2022, we hauled 40 of them! While not every local team can remove tires, no matter where you live, tires shouldn’t go to the dump.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to dispose of your tires. Give us a call to see if we can remove tires in your local area so we can take all the hassle out of tire removal for you!

6. Chairs

Chairs are a new addition to our top 10 removed items list year, and in 2022 we hauled over 75 of them! Whether you’ve got an old armchair that’s taking up space in the basement, or some dining room chairs that are starting to fall apart, our teams are happy to make sure they are donated, recycled, or properly disposed of. For more information on all the various furniture pieces we can help remove, including chairs.

7. Pianos

One of the largest and heaviest items that our teams can help remove are pianos. While they are amazing instruments, pianos can also take up lots of space and be difficult to move from place to place. It can also be very hard to dispose of broken pianos, since they are often made of materials that do not break down naturally in landfills.

Donation is a great way to get rid of pianos, but it can also be time-consuming to find a donation center that will take them, and you may have to deliver it yourself to their location. 803 Cheap Movers or Junk Removal works with many charities and recycling centers to ensure pianos are being disposed of properly. This year alone, we have removed over 8 pianos!

8. Box Springs

Box springs were another new addition to our top 10 removed items list this year. In 2022 alone, we’ve helped haul away over 26 box springs from Richland County, Lexington County and Kershaw County. Similar to mattresses, box springs can be recycled and donated occasionally, and need to be replaced just as often as mattresses.

9. Washers & dryers

In 2022, we hauled over 70 washers and dryers! Similar to other appliances like fridges and freezers, washers and dryers should be recycled. Recycling appliances that have metal in them is important for sustainability, as producing new metals can be costly and damaging to the environment.

10. Treadmills 

Coming in at number 10 is treadmills! Whether your treadmill is treated more like a coat rack than an exercise machine, or you just don’t use it as much as you used to, there are plenty of reasons to say goodbye to your treadmill.

Similar to other electronics, it is important for treadmills to be disposed of properly, so that hazardous materials aren’t entering the landfills. 803 Cheap Movers was happy to help haul away 26 treadmills and give their previous owners their space back.

That wraps up our top 10 removed items of 2022! While a few items from previous years were missing, such as barbecues and hotels we can still help with just about anything and do our best to donate, recycle, and dispose of your items properly.

As we reminisce on the past year, we can’t forget to also celebrate our uniformed truck teams! Their hard work, professionalism, and friendly smiles make it possible for us to remove all these unwanted items!

We’ve seen it all, from a mountain of surfboards to wine racks shaped like musical instruments. No matter how weird, we are happy to help!

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